What tactics should you focus on if you want to change your portfolio from small companies to larger ones?

Apart from the key and basic activities, like:

    • Content marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Paid advertising
    • SEO
    • Email marketing
    • Partnerships

the focus should be on the strategic touchpoits of customer relationship, proposition and engagement:

1. Personalization

  • Analyzing target groups and deliver customer value proposition and marketing activities based on the funnel analysis, needs and preferences of certain groups

e.g. bundle proposition with popular services for smaller customers or verticals

  • ABM marketing for larger corporates
    • Identify key accounts and decision-makers, understand their business goals, challenges, and decision-making process
    • Create personalized content and campaigns, address needs and problems, benchmark, optimise, review

2. Localization

  • Targeting opportunity countries
  • Planning marketing activities and adapt them to a local market
    • Translating content, sales materials
    • Adjusting services to local needs
    • Participating in local industry events
    • Localizing marketing and sales channels, and advertising platforms
    • Partner with local businesses
    • Working with local marketing news platforms
  • Connecting with potential customers on a deeper level and to build trust

3. Aligning

  • Top-notch comprehensive services (incl.: highest quality, availability, elasticity, advisory, problem-solving)
  • Building a strong brand reputation
  • Aligning with targeted companies to build the trust and long term business relationships – become a PARTNER
  • Company values: sustainability, inclusivity, innovation, growth
  • Structure, processes and procedures
  • Comms, language

Marketing Turbine – Larger Accounts Sales

4. Networking

  • Participating, attend industry events and creating your own unique event
    • Set up goals, KPIs
    • Developing a marketing plan; content, social media, attend official and unofficial networking events
    • Follow-up, review, act to close sales
  • Small steps technique | Foot-in-the-door (FITD) technique (offer free consultation, trial, pitch, meet F2F, help)
  • Word-of-mouth: Internal recommendations and referrals: existing customers, partners, company friends.
  • Social Media strategy: involve team and clients (more people)
  • Partnerships: joint marketing campaigns, co-selling, referral programs

5. Resilience

  • Building an expertise and be professional above all
  • Patience, understanding that closing a deal might take a lot of time because of corporate processes and long sales cycles. Compliance processes (TPRM) are also time consuming and difficult for both sides
  • BUT… “If they throw you out the door, come back through the window”. Trying different departments: L&D, Innovation, Product Development
  • Pricing elasticity
  • Never stop thinking “what else can be done?”

Changing portfolio from small businesses to larger corporates it is a complex and challenging process. However, it can lead to significant growth and profitability for the B2B business.

  • Business growth – lead generation, high conversion rate of closed deals
  • Increased revenue – shifting the focus of sales and marketing to large corporations – closed more deals with high-value accounts
  • Improved customer relationships – long-term deals that brings business stability